Grand Valley Coalition for the Homeless > Grand Junction Education & Employment
Education & Employment Rescources
Grand Junction, CO
Mesa County Workforce Center
2897 North Ave
248-0871 job line 248-7575
Job listings, job searching assistance, GED classes

Vocational Rehabilitation
222S. 6th St Room 215
Skill development  & job training for persons w/ disabilities. Call 248-7103

School Dist 51 REACH program
254-5354 or can call any school office
Advocacy for families w/ school aged children. 

Tree House
1505 Chipeta Ave, 241-8001
Teen drop in center 12-21 yrs
Kids Kabana 3 – 6pm M-F
@ Chipeta location,  Redlands Middle School and West Middle School
Bistro 2 – 10 pm everyday

Child Find
410 Hill Ave. 254-5405  M-F 9:30-5:00
Early Childhood Education ages 0-5

Head Start
835 N. 26th Street   243-9318
Federally funded preschool program with health and nutritional services for Children 3-5 years old.

Child & Migrant Services
721 Peach Ave., Palisade
464-5226 Fax 464-7913
Migrant and farm workers only

Interpreting / Translation Services
433-2897   On-site and telephone interpreting; written translation services.  Reduced rates available for indigent individuals and non-profits.

School to Work Alliance Program (SWAP)    (970) 254-6008
School District 51 - Career Center
2935 North Ave.  Serve 16-25 year olds with mild to moderate barriers (Acadmenic, physical, mental with job placement.

Parenting /Family Resources
Family First   (970) 683-2631
2897 North Ave.

Hilltop – The Opportunity Center
1129 Colorado Ave.   243-0190
M-F   8:00am  – 5:00pm
Youth Alternative Educational Program, Youth Employment Program

Infant Toddler Project
950 Grand Ave. 
241-5396 or after hours 242-4363
Provides a family home visitor for parenting skills towards educational support. For children 0-3 yrs of age.

2897 North Ave. #2 
245-0197 or 1-800-438-8287
Job training program for at risk youth ages 16-24

Community Education Center
2508 Blichman, Bldg B   255-2800
English as a second language, school counseling, community education

Center for Independence
740 Gunnison Ave.
Contact Mary Moore at 241-0315
Assisting those with disabilities to become independent

Literacy Center of Mesa County Libraries
530 Grand Ave. 245-5522
Tutoring in reading, writing, math, citizenship, ESL and GED study. Computer literacy training.  Children story times

Women’s Place
St. Mary’s Prenatal Center   244-2229
M-F   8:00am – 4:30 pm
Prepared childbirth classes

Disability Navigator Program
2897 North Ave   257-2217
M-F   8:00am - 4:30 pm
Assists people with disabilities with help accessing services to improve prospects for employment